Newest book, International Friendship. The Gifts from Africa, releases in 2022.

This book presents CHE Onejoon's documentary projects, Mansudae Master Class and International Friendship. The projects traces the statues, monuments, and buildings built by North Korea in Africa from the 1970s to the present and the historical background. The North Korea's Mansudae Art Studio has constructed statues, monuments, and buildings in about 18 countries in Africa. Among them, roughly half of the countries received these constructions from Kim Il-sung free of charge. Behind this North Korean diplomatic strategy of offering statues, monuments, and buildings to Africa, there was a diplomatic competition between North and South Korea in United Nations. Just after the Armistice at the end of the Korean War in 1953, the Military Demarcation Line and the stationing of the U.S. Army in South Korea had always been an issue in the United Nations.
This book deals with the historical background and critical writings about Mansudae Master Class and International Friendship as a documentary project, including the essays of experts from various fields such as history, photography, art history, and art criticism, among others.

CHE Onejoon

Sun A Moon

Charles K. Armstrong, Che Onejoon, Seon-Ryeong Cho, Inga Lāce, Joanna Lehan, Chang Joon Ok, Sean O’Toole

Dokho Shin

Hardcover 22 x 26 cm
192 pages 239 color and b/w illustrations